I have weak knees help please!?

Answer Hi: Why don't you wrap them as much as you can? Also try this it worked for me when i was playing football. get a hot bath then put some Epsom's salts in the water. Or this get a towel wet then ho... Read More »

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I have a keliod on my shoulder and scars on my knees. Please help!?

Some people have had success with steroid injections.....................

Do i have real masculine body that makes women go weak in knees?

No. That's natural. It has nothing to do with your "Manlyness". If you wanna impress the ladies, get ripped, then shave your chest and back.


i think its real silly that your mam wont take you to the doctors. cant you take yourself? if you don't sort it out it will be a life long problem that will effect you in everything. i cant imagin... Read More »

Why do my knees feel really weak?

this usually happens to people who stand and drink water.don't stand up and drink water.instead sit down because scientists have shown that standing and drinking water at the same time will give yo... Read More »