I have water in my ear and it won't come out?

Answer Sleep with the affected ear facing the surface of your pillow. After a few minutes, the force of gravity may pull the water out.Dry up the water in your ear using a hair dryer on a low setting. Tak... Read More »

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Your jet ski wont run in water?

I have the hiccups right now... i tried drinking water but it wont help plz help me get rid of them?

Get a slice of lemon, cover it with sugar, and then drizzle the sugar with bitters. Bitters, if you do not know, is a sort of alcoholic syrup used in small quantities to flavor drinks like Old Fas... Read More »

My tap wont stop running water!?

Hi John,You can do this job easily yourself. The first thing I want you to do is wet a wash cloth and lay it down so it lines the bottom of the sink and covers the drain. This keeps the sink from c... Read More »

Washer wont fill with water, but will spin?

I'll assume that you have used this machine before and everything was alright.Did you try to switch the Water temperature to HOT only?If not try it.If water fills the washer then the probable answe... Read More »