I have water in my ear and it won't come out?

Answer Sleep with the affected ear facing the surface of your pillow. After a few minutes, the force of gravity may pull the water out.Dry up the water in your ear using a hair dryer on a low setting. Tak... Read More »

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I have a ring stuck on my finger and it wont come off PLEASE HELP! im in pain!?

A soak in cooking oil and trying to 'screw' it off - A chill in ice water until your hand is numb and then dry it before repeating step one -A trip to the ER to use their 'ring splitter' a small wh... Read More »

I have the hiccups right now... i tried drinking water but it wont help plz help me get rid of them?

Get a slice of lemon, cover it with sugar, and then drizzle the sugar with bitters. Bitters, if you do not know, is a sort of alcoholic syrup used in small quantities to flavor drinks like Old Fas... Read More »

My tv wont come on how do i fix it?

Replacing the power supply board *might* solve the problem--that would be a first guess without examining your TV.If you do that, don't plug it in until you go to a big hardware store or home impro... Read More »

My cd wont come out!?

yes it does.That's what it's there for.dvd/cd companies put these into their rom/ram drives as a fail safe in case this type of thing happens.Don't worry you won't be eletrocuted otherwise it would... Read More »