I have viral conjuntivitis and it feels like there's pins and needles in my eyes ?

Answer Pressure on nerves are usually the cause of pins and needles, it causes the area that are serviced by those nerves to 'go to sleep' to cause the pains and needles. For the eye the pressure on the... Read More »

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My feet feels like 100 needles poking it what should i do?

Well this happens when the blood flow to your feet gets cut off...I suggest that if it happens walk around for a little bit to get your blood back to your feet again :)Hope that helps!

Pins and Needles .?

You could just have poor circulation round those parts, although my mother also takes simvastatin and she takes quite a lot of pin and needles, so it could be connected...Try not to let your finger... Read More »

Who wrote the song"Needles& Pins"?

The song "Needles & Pins" was written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. It was originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon in 1963 and then a year later was re-recorded by the Searchers.References:Spect... Read More »

What causes "pins and needles"?

They're caused by altered nerve signals to your brain. For example, when you cross your legs for too long, your other leg is pressing up against major veins, slowing your blood flow.