I have used the Internet at work (nothing "dodgy"), and now my employers are auditing!!?

Answer I warn you people everyday and none of you listenYou kids and employees come here asking how to get past your School or work filters everyday.You must reap what you sow.By the way. They even know w... Read More »

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Do Georgia employers pay into the social security disability for employees who have been injured out of the work place and will be off of work for 60-90 days?

Answer Social Security Disability requires that you be disabled for a year and that it be a permanent disability and that you cannot do ANY job in the American Economy.

How do employers verify work history?

Employers often wish to verify the work history of a prospective employee and require applicants to furnish employment references for this reason. The employer will contact these references by ph... Read More »

Do employers have the right to read emails you write while at work?

According to workplace privacy lawsuits, the employer has the right to read and review all content sent via work email. All emails sent from or to you can be monitored. However, a New Jersey Suprem... Read More »

Can you really find employers who hire qualified people to work from home?

On One Hand: Yes, you canA number of legitimate companies hire people over the Internet to work from home. Freelance writing and editing jobs are offered to qualified candidates by Demand Studios a... Read More »