I have ulcers and drink a cup of vinger what chould happen?

Answer Wtf would you drink vinegar?

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What happen if you drink ammonia?

You'd probably puke it out because it belongs in poop.

What will happen if I drink a lot of coffee?

Your body will tell you when you've had too much coffee. When you feel shaky, wide awake, sleeping poorly, you know you've had toooooo much! This amount varies from person to person. Keep in mind,... Read More »

What can happen if you drink without a gallbladder?

It is your LIVER (and your PANCREAS) that participate in breaking down the alcohol, NOT your gallbladder. You can consume alcohol also after gallbladder removal, but please drink responsibly!

What would happen if you drink eye drops?

From what I understand you crap your brains out. People drop Visine in other people's unattended drinks for vengeance.