I have two computers, and one printer, is it possible to connect them both up to one printer at a time?

Answer Assuming that both computers are networked together, then you can have a computer access the printer over the network.To do this, click Start >> Printers and Faxes.Printer Tasks (in the top left) >... Read More »

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How to connect 2 computers to one printer one?

Hi there is two ways.first you have to do this--->setup printer on one of your computers after that you have to go to CONTROL PANEL-PRINTER AND FAX-right click on the printer icon-click on sharing-... Read More »

How can i connect 3 computers to one printer?

If the printer can act as a print server (support IP address, you can check in the manual) you can connect all computers and printer together with the switch and the computers will connect to print... Read More »

How do I connect two computers to one USB printer?

One at a TimeConnect the printer to one computer using the USB cable. Install the printer drivers using the "Add a Printer" wizard in Windows. Disconnect the USB cable from the first computer. Conn... Read More »

How can you connect two computers to one printer?

Materials Needed:- Router- Ethernet cable- USB switch- crossover cable- network card- print server- Operating System that supports printer sharingStep 1One of the easiest options to share a printer... Read More »