I have turned connect notification off,?

Answer;…It's my open question.Go to the last answer from "Whizz". In there is a link that has all the information you need... if you like wasting a lot of time an... Read More »

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How can you hide lock the notification of text message in notification bar in android?

When you have your ipod hooked up to the computer, click on it, then click on pictures. It will want to know what folder to use and every time you sync it, any photos in that folder will be synchro... Read More »

We have had 2 Christmas cactus plants for ages one has turned a purplish red, have we killed it?

Christmas Cacti are very hard to kill. I had one 10 years ago that turned purplish red in the heat of my south facing conservatory. It's still here.

I have a misquito bite but it may have turned into something differenthelp!!?

It sounds like you are just very allergic to mosquito bites or you scratched it soo much that it started to make pus inside of it. Honestly, your mosquito bites sound just like mine. Mine swell re... Read More »

I already have internet why do i need to wait to have phone turned on My provider is Fairpoint?

Gotta do the paperwork.The internet and dial tone share the same cable pair, not the same equipment. Someone still has to run the jumper and rearrange the circuit in the central office. The job p... Read More »