I have troubles with my SATA external hats drive?

Answer it needs to be formatted to ntfs file type for windows to see it, you should be able to go to disk management and see it there, you can format it from there

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Is an SATA external hard drive compatible with DirecTV HR21?

The DirecTV HR21 HD DVR can connect to an external hard drive with an SATA cable. This receiver has an SATA connector on the back of the unit for easy installation.References:DirecTV: HR21 Receiver... Read More »

Difference between 256GB High Performance SATA Solid State Drive and 1TB SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive with Native C?

SSD is much much faster than HDD. They are also much newer and more expensive hence why the storage sizes aren't that large. HDD uses a disk to read and write data. Whereas a SSD uses things which ... Read More »

Can Windows XP be loaded on a SATA hard drive without the SATA drives?

Both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP can only be installed onto a SATA hard drive if the necessary SATA drivers are installed onto the system during the setup process.References:Microsoft... Read More »

Will a SATA 2 hard drive work in a SATA 1 controller?

Yes. SATA 2 hard drives are backward compatible, which means that SATA 1 controllers will detect them. The only difference is that they will run at SATA 1 speeds rather than SATA 2 speeds. Some con... Read More »