I have trouble sleeping at night what can help me get a good nights sleep?

Answer Ambien - but you MUST get 6+ hours of sleep

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Should I take a sleeping pill to ensure a good nights sleep?

On One Hand: Try Non-Drug Methods FirstBefore taking a pill, consider avoiding caffeine after the late afternoon; a regular sleep and exercise schedule; exercising several hours before bedtime; enj... Read More »

I have trouble sleeping at night!!?

Soak in a warm, relaxing bath before going to bed, or drink a glass of warm milk. The tryptophan in milk elevates the important chemical serotonin in the brain, with the result that you fall asleep... Read More »

I have a good night sleep, wake up feeling exhausted help!?

You seem to have a fatigue problem. Perhaps the energy vitamin B12 can help or a vitamin B complex. Coenzyme Q10 can also help to boost your energy level as in Read More »

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sleep nights when its thundering and lightning all night?

I sleep like a baby when it's storming :)If you are afraid... pray for peace.God calms me :):)