I have tried to turn the short cut off, but can't. How do I turn it off?

Answer 1.On the Tools menu, click Customize. 2.Click Options. 3.In the lower portion of this tab, you will see Other. You can click/unclick keyborad shortcuts. Hope this helps.Note If you use a program... Read More »

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I cant get my safe to lock ! It appears to be locked until I turn the knob again and turn the handle and it co?

Did you have a BRain fart ? and lost it in the middle of the question ?

Have you ever tried tooth filing If so, how did it turn out?

Hello, I just did one for my teeth with major cavity. The hole was big and it reached the gum. Got to say, it hurt like crazy, even after the needle. Fortunately if you have a minor cavity, you won... Read More »

I have a old magnavox tv and the subtitles are on and in the menu i cant turn them off. ?

On comcast remote go to -Settings- audio-subtitles and hit off then enter and subs should be off.The cable companys all use the same CC in their signals.Also for more info you go to Comcast remote ... Read More »

I have an ipod and i pulled it out when it said do not disconnect and now it cant turn do i fix it?

you have to force it into disk mode and then it should work(hold down the menu and middle button at the same time and wait until the apple logo appears, when it does hold down the play button and ... Read More »