I have tried everything i could think of howdo i get rid of a W32/Trojan.XXS.?

Answer Load.. Get the free home version.. Worked for me. Got the info here from some very nice helpful people. .Good luck.

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Have a big problem with mice have tried everything on the market including professional exterminators.?

jeez, when an exterminator can't do it, they don't know their stuff ! Some exterminators have 'Licenced' mice or rat poison, that will help, you may be able to "Carefully" "Spot" it around... Read More »

I bought a computer with vista.I have a document that will not print or delete.I have tried everything,help?

This is a solution I've used many times to remove documents from the print que when they weren't removed by using the pull-down menu command to "cancel all documents". This applies to Windows XP, ... Read More »

My lips are so chapped, wind burned, and I have tried everything help!?

1) Mentholatum--it's a concentrated gel you buy at the store. They come in a small, green jar. Put that on at night.2) During the day try olive oil. It will give you a nice sheen AND help moiturize... Read More »

I need to remove a program called iminet, i have tried everything i know?

Have you tried a system restore? That will restore your system back to a "checkpoint" in time. All your documents (.docx's and pictures) do not get effected, but programs will be set to how they we... Read More »