I have tons of bruises on my legs?

Answer If you dont remember doing any of them, then yes it probably is a problem. Bruises dont appear for no reason at all. It might not be anything serious, but I would suggest that you go to the doctors... Read More »

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Why do I get these bruises on my legs?

You get these bruises on your legs due to extravasation of blood from the vascular tissues of the leg.

Unexplained bruises on legs?

One cause that happens to certain people is vitamin deficiency. That could cause poorly formed tissue. Also if your taking too much of one medicine it could mess with your circulation

I get random bruises on my there something wrong with me?

Well that happened to me, believe it or not. My strep throat was never completely "cured" and I ended up getting some disease called HSP. (I dont know what it stands for). But it was really bad,... Read More »

Yellow/brown bruises on my legs, cancer?

You are paranoidEveryone gets bruises, and sometimes then have no idea why