I have to replace my hard drive, can I use my previous Windows XP product key?

Answer You only need to buy a new copy of XP say when you replace something major on your computer. That would include a video card or your motherboard. Hard drives are usually okay. By 'usually' I mea... Read More »

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How to Transfer Windows to a Hard Drive From an External Hard Drive?

The Windows operating system, while it can be installed on any hard drive, can not be copied like ordinary files. To transfer a copy of Windows from an external hard drive onto another hard drive, ... Read More »

How to Transfer Windows XP to a New Hard Drive From an External Hard Drive?

When you buy a new computer and install Windows XP on it, it starts with default settings and files. If you want to move Windows XP files and settings from your old computer’s hard drive to the n... Read More »

Do I have to format a new hard drive when I'm installing Windows XP?

No u dont need to format, just insert cd and boot from cd to install. It will ask you for partition and formatting while installing

If you have a removable hard drive do you still need your windows disc?

You still may need your Windows install disc regardless of having a removable hard drive. If your OS gets corrupted or accidentally deleted you will need that disc. You can back up anything to the... Read More »