I have to pee really bad often?

Answer could be a number of things, urinary tract infection would be my first guess. You will need to see your doctor and s/he will ask you if is burns when you pee? is your urine cloudy or clear and how ... Read More »

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Celebs often do really really strange tv commercials for Japanese eyes only but whose ad for an energy drink called vfuyy became a running gag on late night with Conan O'Brien?

Can anybody tell me the cartoon and or name of the female human cartoon character who played a Southern belle and who often uttered the phrase really I do really?

"Goldimouse and the Three Cats " - [5.23 minutes into the cartoon.] see link to the cartoon .

I get really bad headaches often!!...?

Mountain Dew or an energy drink. The caffiene helps headaches. You need to go in and get an MRI though! Frequent headaches aren't a good thing...

How often do you really wash your bed sheets?

Actually, I do mine whenever I think to take them with to the laundermat!! Maybe once a month! I know that is not often enough, I just don't usually think about doing my sheets that much.