I have to have my tablets for the rest of my life wy do i have to pay for them?

Answer and you'd like someone else to pay for YOUR problem?

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I have been prescibed with glasses will i need them for the rest of my life now?

Glasses really aren't that bad. You don't want your eyesight to get worse, so wear your glasses. You might find a pair that you really like, that compliments your face and adds character. When you ... Read More »

Do I have a permanent retainer for the rest of my life!?

Until your teeth are fixed, you can't remove the retainer.

What do you do if you have shocked your pool and have been testing it but cannot get any chlorine to show up on the strips and you have put in over 30 chlorine tablets?

You probably have the same problem I have - take a sample of your water to a pool store and have it tested. I did and needed to add alkalinity, pH enhancer, algaecide and one other chemical. You ne... Read More »

Who sings"can i have this dance for the rest of my life"?

The country music artist who sings "Can I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life" is Anne Murray. It was written by Bob House and Wayland Holyfield and is one of nine number one country hits recor... Read More »