I have to go to hospital. Alone or take a friend?

Answer Go alone.......break a leg!

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I need suggestions for what to take to the hospital for a friend whose wife is dying.?

People that are in the hospital all the time only care about comfort...physical comfort. I suggest maybe a nice neck pillow he can rest his head on when he's tired, a warm blanket, cause its always... Read More »

I accidentally kicked my best friend in the head. Should I take her to the hospital or get her an icepack?

Even steven Flor? have you had those green giant foot in your head? not pretty...what evers i have Cinderella feet..

If you drive a friend's car alone and do not have insurance are you breaking the law if the friend has insurance and you have a license?

Answer Unless the policy has a clause that says it is only insured for listed drivers, the insurance follows the car. If it is listed on your friend's policy, it is covered whenever a licensed dri... Read More »

If you don't have a mother and only have a father how would he take the news alone that you are pregnant?

Answer Not to discourage you from telling but fathers are far different than mothers but listen the real issue is to sit him down in an open environment where he really can't express himself like h... Read More »