I have to get a couple teeth pulled in 2 weeks....does it hurt?

Answer good plan to be listening to doesn't hurt because they numb you, but I always take a tylenol or ibuprofen BEFORE I go to the dentist, so it will already be working and relieving pain by ... Read More »

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Does it hurt to get teeth pulled?

The dentist will shoot you full of Novocaine, which hurts, but then you are completely numb while your teeth are pulled. Once the pain medicine wears off, you will be uncomfortable for a day or so,... Read More »

Doe geting a teeth pulled ot hurt?

Hurts..however, your dentist should/ would (if you ask him/her) write a prescription for 3 different medications to relieve your pain....These 3 prescriptions are 1. Amoxicillin 500 mg for 15 capsu... Read More »

Getting teeth pulled out hurt?

Funny because i thought the same as you.Oddly enough NO it doesnt hurt at all. But i guess it depends on the dentist. You get about 5-8 needles. Sounds like a lot but it isnt done in succession ... Read More »

Does getting teeth pulled hurt?

Yeah it hellza hurts! most painful thing except childbirth... Agonizing and excruciating pain... Sucks for you