I have tiny spots on my hands and feet?

Answer i suggest you speak to your parents about taking you to a doctor, yahoo cannot solve your problem...

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How to remodel a tiny 4 feet by 8 feet en suite bathroom?

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Help!! Tiny red dots on hands..?

You should notice a temporary whitening of the skin anywhere you apply adequate pressure, but as far as this tiny red dot goes it could be any number of things. If it has been with you since a you... Read More »

What bug is that (tiny black with white spots)?

That looks like a carpet beetle but hard to tell from photoThe furniture carpet beetle is a common pest of upholstered furniture. Like other species of carpet beetles, it is able to digest keratin,... Read More »

I have tiny black spots that keep showing up on my shower floor. Why?

It may be mildew or mold, but that is usually more difficult to remove than you are describing. Rubbing with your toe may work if the mildew is fresh.If you have a vent in your bathroom, be sure to... Read More »