I have thousands of photos on my pc ,widows xp how can i find the duplcated ones?

Answer Once you have deleted the copies, burn you pics to a CD (+ one copy as a backup), and delete them from your computer.Pick out 50 good pics, put them on a cd and take them to Tesco and print them ou... Read More »

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My pc is slow. Thousands of photos. What is best way to store them to avoid slowing up pc ?

Having thousand of photos on your computer doesn't slow it up. I don't know where people get this idea from. They are only stored on the disc. They don't do anything except sit there till you acces... Read More »

Where do I find grants for widows?

Like for what? Assume you are in the US, there is an assumption by many that there are tons of grants out there that anyone can get. I am a grants writer and explore govt and private grants for op... Read More »

What would you do if you had thousands and thousands of Facebook friends?

That predicament is a reality rather than a hypothetical for me. I currently have 1132 friends on my personal Facebook page, and that's a significant improvement from my all-time high of nearly 500... Read More »

How do I Find Old Files & Photos?

A modern personal computer can easily contain more than a million files, such as your computer's operating system, software programs, cached websites, cookies and, of course, the many files you sto... Read More »