I have thousands of old negatives to "digitize".......?

Answer You could try this:

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What would you do if you had thousands and thousands of Facebook friends?

That predicament is a reality rather than a hypothetical for me. I currently have 1132 friends on my personal Facebook page, and that's a significant improvement from my all-time high of nearly 500... Read More »

Does anyone know of a scanner that is capable of scanning in 126 negatives or older negatives of unknown film?

Get the newer HP scanners which will scan transparencies, films and negatives.

Why do I have thousands of red and green speckles in black areas of my plasma tv?

It's a fault some where in the TV's circuit board. I had this problem through my HDMI inputs only. Took it back and replaced it immediately. If you have warranty on it, exchange it asap. Here's... Read More »

Should tax payers or natural mothers have "empathy" for the thousands of Aps....?

No, I don't pity them. I believe that when they made the decision to adopt someone else's infant, they were saying that they were better off financially, emotionally, physically and in every way ... Read More »