I have this paper cut on my fingers like 4 days ago and it itches?

Answer If you are sure that it's dirty, you should consider reopening the wound and cleaning it with soapy water. Then dry the wound, apply neosporin and invest in a box of bandaids.The last thing you wan... Read More »

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If you have raw egg white mucous tinged with blood on the bathroom paper once and then 3 days later started spotting pink for the past 5 days could this be a sign of pregnancy if you are age 43?

Answer Hello. If you're still having periods or irregular periods and ovulating, then yes this could be a sign of pregnancy. Or if your going through the menopause, it could also be due ... Read More »

I just amputated 3 fingers in the paper shredder and there's blood spewing everywhere. Should I see a doctor?

Only if the doctor is a hot chick. If it's an old, foreign bastard, then screw it. It's better to not have those fingers anyway. Less work for you to be able to do.And less work equals more time sp... Read More »

Can your period be affected if your boyfriend fingers you a couple of days before your period is due?

No it wont. But I have never meet anyone that has there period start on the same day ever month. It changes, Yes there may be a few months that it starts the same date. But as you get older you wil... Read More »

Will your period be late if you bf fingers you a couple days before you period?