I have this pain in my left shoulder when I do certain things.?

Answer your shoulder poppedice it , wrap it, try not to lift anythingit takes time to heal

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I have a really bad pain in my left shoulder for almost a year already ...?

You likely have a problem in the cervical (neck) spine that accounts at least for the upper back and neck pain. A neck problem may be causing the shoulder and arm pain and dead feeling as well, bec... Read More »

I have had chronic pain on the left side of my neck and shoulder for years.?

Yes that injury could absolutely be where this problem began. Chiropractors know these sorts of things, and understand what the causes and cures are, not Medical Doctors who are just looking for s... Read More »

Is it normal to have neck and shoulder pain in addition to jaw pain when a wisdom tooth is coming in?

I've been working on my honey's back and neck for years, and I've noticed that it's all connected. You may be tensing your shoulder and neck because of the pain in your mouth. Or a nerve could be ... Read More »

Shoulder Pain: Left shoulder?

He probably meant that you have normal " wear and tear " in your left shoulder and, based on your symptoms, physical evaluation and, the x-ray results, he was able to provide you with such an answ... Read More »