I have this msg everytime I try to open Excel files -?

Answer Sounds as if this might be on a network file server, which is in a path that has been secured against certain levels of access.Or that the MS-Excel file was created by someone with the Administrato... Read More »

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How Do I Open xls Files Without Excel?

Spreadsheet ProgramDownload and install a free spreadsheet program or an office suite that includes a spreadsheet program, such as OpenOffice, Lotus Symphony or KOffice. Open a blank spreadsheet wi... Read More »

How to Open WB3 Files in Excel 2003?

Older spreadsheets from Quattro Pro 7.0 and 8.0 use WB3 files, they often contain useful information that you still need to access. You may choose to manipulate and view that information in Microso... Read More »

How to Open Multiple CSV Files in One Excel Spreadsheet?

Join multiple CSV files in separate Excel spreadsheets into one to reduce paging between different spreadsheets and increase productivity. Merging CSV files into one spreadsheet involves the comman... Read More »

How can I attach picture to MS Excel, open by hyperlink and email those files.?

You could tell the person that is receiving the files that they are to be saved into a specific directory path, named exactly as you have it setup on your own computer. That way if you have a link... Read More »