I have this giant flesh wound and it kept me up all last night. What should I do?

Answer Wow that sounds painful. How did you do it?

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How to Treat a Flesh Wound?

A flesh wound damages the skin, but does not harm the the bone or organs underneath. If you have suffered a flesh wound, proper treatment is the most vital step to a speedy and effective recovery. ... Read More »

What to do if a flesh wound is still bleeding?

Clean your wound with running water and apply pressure on the site. If it still continues to bleed, i think it will be best to go to an infirmary/ emergency room and seek for a professional advice. :)

How to Get Rid of Proud Flesh on a Horse Wound?

After a horse suffers a wound, formation of granulated tissue occurs to cover the area. New skin then grows to seal the wound. When healing is slow, such as on lower leg wounds, the granulation be... Read More »

What is white gel type paste appearing on my burn wound on my stomach.its more than 9 days of my wound?

If it is spontaneously appearing, it is probably pus. Is the wound site red and tender to the touch? Does the wound look "full" like it has something underneath it?If so, it is likely infection.