I have the shivers, and the sweats, and I feel dizzy, and nauseous. What do I do?

Answer It sounds like the flu to me :( eat easy on the stomach foods; soup and saltines. Relax and don't stress your body too much. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe try some peptobismo (however you spel... Read More »

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A few hours after landing in vegas, feel nauseous and dizzy?

Hmmm I had something similar when I flew to Texas a few weeks ago... It went away by the time I woke up the next morning. I believe it was simply motion sickness... you could also have some vertigo... Read More »

If you feel nauseous and tired all day and you occasionally feel some lightheadedness and have some cramping are these signs of pregnancy even though you haven't missed your period?

Answer yes, those are some possible signs of pregnancy. With my first child I had some of those symptoms and no missed period. Actually I had my period up to my fifth month. There are different sym... Read More »

Dizzy and nauseous Normal-ish?

There are many many things that could be going on...dehydrationfood poisoningfluexhaustion and so on.No one online can diagnose your problem. Only a doctor who sees you in person can do that. I h... Read More »

Constantly always feeling dizzy and nauseous?

feeling dizzy and nauseous after eating, more...Search results Dizziness (Dizzy, Lightheadedness) Causes, Symptoms ... Does "feeling dizzy" mean lightheadedness or the feeling of weakness ... Read More »