I have the hd resolution monitor?

Answer Your monitor resolution has little to do with how well the game will run, what is important is your video graphics hardware. For example, if you are playing it on a computer with an Intel GMA X3100... Read More »

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I have a new 22" LCD monitor but the resolution looks really low?

Check the documentation that came with the games. Some games will not look good at high resolutions, in fact some older games specifically say to set the screen to 800 x 600 and 256 colors in order... Read More »

I have a 17 inch monitor what resolution should it be at?

Any thing is OK. but besure that you had installed your monitor drivers for better diplay screen resolutions.i prefer 1280 X1024

My monitor flashes 2 much, even though I have reduced the resolution. What should I do?

check your video card, maybe its defective. better yet, trasfer you monitor to another PC, if the problem persists, your monitor is busted and have to be replaced.

What happens if a 24'' monitor has the same resolution as a 27'' monitor?

It simply means the 24" has a higher pixel density. Since both monitors have the same resolutions, a fixed-pixel sized image would appear smaller on a 24" than a 27".