I have stupid hair :(..?

Answer Chances are that no, it will not all come out the same color, but will probably be pretty close. How much of the tips are dyed blonde? If it's a very little bit at the end, you could maybe cut a co... Read More »

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So i have been a member for just a week now and have a stupid question... What does BD and DH mean.?

here sweetie here it all is a-z LOL hope i didnt for get anything. Hope it helps.AF: Aunt Flo (your period)BBT: Basal Body Temperature BD: Baby dance, sexBCP: Birth Control Pills BFN: Big Fat Negat... Read More »

Have you ever had a really stupid accident that you could have avoided by using a little common sense?

As a habit I automatically lock the front door when ever I leave the house. Well I had a brain laps and locked the bathroom door when I was done doing my business. I had to take the door knob apart... Read More »

Will I look stupid with blonde hair?

Howcome my stupid computer won't recognize the stupid usb?

because both of them are stupid, isn't that obvious! O.o