I have sore gums :( what do i do?

Answer I hope you find a solution to the sore gums. In the future if you're looking for popcorn that won't hurt your gums, check out Tiny But Mighty Popcorn. It doesn't have the thick, sharp hulls so it... Read More »

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Can you have sore gums if you are pregnant?

Pregnancy is a common cause for sore, swollen gums. This condition is pregnancy gingivitis. According the American Pregnancy Association, hormone changes during pregnancy (particularly the 2nd trim... Read More »

Please help! I have sore gums!?

Take some vitamin C - often we get sore gums when we don't have enough vitamin CVitamin C CANNOT be stored in the body, which makes it completely safe - you pee out what your body can't use.. try t... Read More »

I put my pet snake in my mouth. Now all my gums have gone sore and mushy and i have ulcers. What've i do done?

Get off Yahoo Answers and go to the doctor immediately.Remember the part where they told you to always wash your hands after handling any reptile when you bought the snake? That's because reptiles ... Read More »

What would be making your gums very sore if you have had a cold or flu-like conditions for more than sixty days?

Cause of Sore Gums What is more important is why the person is feeling ill for so long a time. Flu and viruses if there are no complication generally last 7-14 days. It would be beneficial for the ... Read More »