I have something that looks like a pimple on my vagina ?

Answer Sounds like a pimple... Let it be it should go away in a few days, but if it just festers and grows in to a big zit get a warm cloth apply for a few minutes then just squeeze, It will pop. Some peo... Read More »

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HELP! I have a pimple on the lip of my vagina, and its swollen in that area!! What is it!!?

Most likely a pimple or ingrown hair. They hurt like hell, but you'll be ok. Might want to have a doctor check it out to make sure.

Is there something that looks like asbestos insulation, but is not?

Housing insulation often looks alike. Therefore, there are a number of types of insulation that look like asbestos, but are in fact not asbestos. This includes mineral wood insulation, rock wool in... Read More »

I have a pimple on my chin, big! but it isn't like a pimple, its like a inside lump.swollen it did go now?

Okay there are several possibilities here. One is cystic acne, HOWEVER, if you have not had cystic acne before it would be very unusual for it to start now and for you to have only one spot effect... Read More »

I have a Pimple on my vagina?

u can get it anywhere. it should heal itself sine u already popped it.