I have some old home videos on VHS. Now that the DVD transition is complete...?

Answer Yes, you can do this on your mac with a VCR. However, you need to get a video capture card as well to convert the analog signal from the VCR to digital. Search for mac compatable video capture ca... Read More »

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When doing minor remodeling to a home is it better to complete the kitchen before replacing wood floors and carpet in other parts of the home or does the order of events not mater?

The order of events does matter. You would want to complete the kitchen and any other big tasks before replacing wood floors & carpet. That way you won't ruin the floors by heavy traffic or doing s... Read More »

What is America's funniest home videos home address?

If you are asking about the website address :

HOME VIDEO - How to organize DV home videos?

miniDV is actually a great storage media. DVD is not bad either.If you really want to take the time to edit and convert all those tapes to DVD, then read our article Editing Your Camcorder Video -... Read More »

If the subdivision is not complete do you have to pay home owners association dues on property bought before completion?

Read your public offering statement and governing documents to determine when owners begin paying association assessments. As well, understand the developer's responsibilities to pay assessments --... Read More »