I have some individually wrapped tilapia?

Answer I don't think it's a health issue. In my experience, the fish is easier to handle while it's still frozen, and it's easier to remove the plastic wrapping from the frozen fish.On a side note, unles... Read More »

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What was the first penny candy to be individually wrapped?

Tootsie Rolls were the first type of penny candy that was individually wrapped using paper. Leo Hirshfield created Tootsie Rolls using a recipe he brought to the United States from Europe in 1896.S... Read More »

What was the first American candy that was individually wrapped?

By the 1800s people were using wood, glass containers and regular paper to wrap or contain the candy bought by customers. Whitmans Chocolates in 1854 was the first American company to package (in b... Read More »

Does anyone know where in the Kansas City Metro Area I can find individually wrapped sixlets.?

DYLANS Candy bar that link have have all locations KSBe Fun,,…

Do you have to list all donated items individually on IRS Form 8283?

IRS Form 8283 states that people filling out the tax form can list like items in groups. The IRS also allows a separate, written statement to accompany form 8283 if you need more room to list items... Read More »