I have some holiday photos that I would like to put on Facebook.?

Answer Log in your facebook acct and click the photo icon On your profile. And it will ask you an options on how you are going to upload it . You can create an album to store your photos in just one album... Read More »

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I have a brown sofa and would like to find a wall color that doesn't clash would like some ideas.?

How can you make it so that photos that people 'like' don't appear on your facebook timeline?

there is no way to turn that feature off, because that's the whole reason for using facebook in the first place, to share your activity with your friendsthe only way to prevent it is to add individ... Read More »

You would like to talk to people in South Afrika that has an interest in chillies and would like to swop some seedlings or seed with you?

I have used/cooked in melmac plates/bowls most of my life... in a microwave. I use and buy melmac to this day! Can you microwave in it... yes ....I do it all the time.....BUT, I have had only 5 pie... Read More »

I have some photos at home that I want to get on my computer but I don't have a

Kinko's, Office Depot, you can even take them to a Kodak Picture center and then scan them to a disk and have the store that owns that Picture center put them to disk, you can also take them to you... Read More »