I have some cotton nightgowns .. how do i wash them.. do i wash them separately or mixed in with my?

Answer It all depends if they are all white or different colors. If they're different colors - then just wash them with your other clothing that is also different colors. If they are white - then they m... Read More »

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How would I wash my mixed clothes?

Gee Craig, nobody has answered you on this one? I will help you. I use Tide Detergent, first of all, because I am especially hypoallergenic to any kind of detergent perfumes. They have the non-s... Read More »

How do I wash cotton batting?

WashDraw a tub of water, and add a mild detergent. Gently hand wash the cotton batting. Let it soak for 20 minutes. Scrubbing or a machine agitator can distort or tear the batting. Once the batting... Read More »

How to Wash a Cotton Sweater?

Cotton sweaters are great for spring, fall and winter weather. They are durable and come in many thicknesses. Unlike wool, cashmere and other fabrics, cotton sweaters can be washed in the washing m... Read More »

How Do I Wash Cotton-Polyester to Get It White?

A white shirt is supposed to be just that: white! No other shirt color begs to stay true to its color or remain without spots or stains than a white shirt. Getting a white cotton polyester blend sh... Read More »