I have so many split ends, should I cut it really short?

Answer ashley benson's hair is so cute! yes! do that, but a perm is extremely damaging, and it will probably just renew your split ends on your short hair. but go for it! after the perm, however, try usin... Read More »

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I have a ton of split ends... will I go to hell?

It's okay, they are only a menial sin... a little time in purgatory and off to heaven you go!

Will My Relaxed Hair Grow If I Have Split Ends?

Golf courses present a host of hazards that can cause injury to workers. From lawn mowers to fertilizers, workers should be trained in the proper handling, care and maintenance of all equipment an... Read More »

If i have alot of split ends will my hair fall out when i comb it?

Yes! If you do not get those ends clipped, your split ends will break off, causing more splits in the hair... its a vicious cycle. Just get 1/2 an inch trimmed of your hair to get rid of the split ... Read More »

Why do you get split ends?

It means its time to get a trim you should get one every 4-6 weeks