I have small boobs and no cleavage!?

Answer dont worry too much hun. alot of girls have small boobs. the taller and slimmer u are then the more likely u are to have small boobs, it also depends on the size of the other women in ur Read More »

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How to Show Cleavage With Small Breasts?

The right amount of cleavage can create a flattering, sexy appearance without looking trashy. Women with smaller breasts often have an easier time keeping their cleavage looking appropriate than wo... Read More »

How to Create Cleavage With Small Breasts?

Small breasts don't have to be a curse; in fact many large-breasted women would kill to have a smaller chest if it meant less sagging and back pain--things we A- and B-cup ladies don't have to cont... Read More »

Big boobs or small boobs?

I like big boobs and you sound like a dream!Big boobs are great, but I imagine that they can be a pain sometimes for you and the women that have them.One of my housemates when I was at uni was of s... Read More »

Are my boobs too small for my age?

I'm 22 and my boobs is still cup A. well, it's normal if you're 14. You'll grow until you're 21. no need to worries. Eats lots of fruits & veges, it'll help you grow boobs bigger. More nutrients = ... Read More »