I have seen various “Obama” grants that claim to help students pay off their credit debt and/or student loans.?

Answer I know he is implementing a new "income based" loan repayment option. With it, you pay a monthly payment based on your salary, to avoid your monthly paying being half your pay or something. Then ... Read More »

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I have student loan debt, in collection, are there resources to help me pay the loans off grants etc?

Maybe there :…or there :…Good luck !

Do they give student loans to any student or does that student need to have excellent credit?

To qualify for federal Stafford Loan, you must be a full-time student and not fall below half-time status, be a U.S. Citizen, National or permanent resident alien, you can not be in default of any ... Read More »

How much were Obama's student loans?

President Barack Obama took out $42,753 to pay for his education at Harvard Law School. He has never publicly disclosed the exact dollar amount in student loans taken to pay for his undergraduate e... Read More »

How may student loans can you have any bad credit ones besides stafford loans help?

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