I have really strong sexual desires?

Answer It's normal Lucy, it happens to me quiet often & i enjoy it too ;)

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Sexual or creepy desires with Marilyn Manson?

all i can say is your weird, most people are :)

How to Resist Sexual Desires by Following Islamic Traditions?

Following your sexual desires is as easy and pleasurable as eating a piece of cake, and more! But did you think someday about the consequences of having sex outside marriage? You won't have any per... Read More »

My wrist is not breaking Do I have really strong bones?

just take up skateboarding and try hard not to break it, then sure as sh1t stinks you'll fall over and break that little puppy before you know what's happened.

How come guys dont scream and moan really during sexual intercourse?

they just don't want us to know they're enjoying it. It makes them feel like they're in control of the situation...(but we all know that's not true.)