I have really narrow lips do u know any natural lip balmer plzzzzzzz?

Answer Try to go with a lip liner that is closest with your natural lip color. Then apply a chapstick like EOS or softlips to blend it all together. Good luck!

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Natural lips?

yes... mary kay's satin lips set has a lip mask that will reveal your lip's natural color, and then a balm to make them healthy and soft. :)

DO u want a natural red lips without any lipstick. Get in here ;)?

How to Have Beautiful Lips Through Natural Medicine?

Lips are like sponges. When they are exposed to moisture they fill out and are beautiful; when they dry out, they shrink, crack and peel. Lips are constantly exposed and contain no oil glands of th... Read More »

I want to make my lips natural pink?

do one thing dear. take a beet root and cut it half. rub ur lips for some time with the pink portion of beetroot. after completion clean ur lips with rose water. do it for 10 days, u caanot believe... Read More »