I have really bad knee pains been to the doctor 3 times?

Answer Let's start with the easy part, your hip pains. They are caused when tight muscles in your lower back are pressed into the nerves leaving the spine that go to the hips which sends the pains into t... Read More »

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Constant severe knee pains in left knee, why?

There are many causes of this condition, it is impossible to give an accurate diagnosis without examining you and asking questions. The most likely cause is Chondromalacia; this causes knee pain un... Read More »

13 year old girl having bad knee pains?

I have had the same thing since I was about 17 years old, Im 29 now. As time went on my knee would start swelling. It got to the point that it was swelling and hurting without any reason. I let it ... Read More »

Can anyone tell me if labour pains can start in the top of the groin and down to the knee cap . thank you?

no I think you must have strained something sounds like what I get which is siatica (nerve pain) babe must be laying funny over a nerve

Chest pains., went to doctor?

Typical signs of a heart attack are crushing chest pain (often radiating to the left arm, jaw or back), shortness of breath, nausea, profuse sweating, and pale skin. If you feel any of these sympto... Read More »