I have questions about veganism, can someone with experience please help me!?

Answer Supplements are unnecessary. Just eat a balanced diet.Meat contains protein, iron, zinc, and the b vitamins riboflavin, thiamin and b-12.Dairy products contain calcium, vitamin D, protein and pota... Read More »

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What to put for work experience on an application for a restaurant when you have no experience in that area?

Raw veganism?

What is allowed: Anything that hasn't been heated over 116 degrees. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fresh juices, and anything you can make from them...generally these should account for at least... Read More »


it also says not to judge others but you obviously skipped that part :)

Switching to raw veganism?

There are dozens upon dozens of raw foodists on youtube. You cant get any better than hearing actual people talk . Just a mere two of my favs , these will lead you to others. Dont miss Mimi Kirk a... Read More »