I have put a disc in my computer and it won't come out.?

Answer Perhaps. What operating system are you running? If you are run Linux or a Unix variant, it may be that the disk is "mounted" and won't eject unless unmounted. Try the command "eject" or "eject c... Read More »

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Why won't my blu-ray disc play some will some wont?

How can you finalise a dvd when camcorder wont read disc?

What are friends for?? Anyway have you tried to play them on a PC?? Sometimes it will play on a PC without finalizing. I would also suggest visiting your camcorders manufacturers support site and p... Read More »

Why wont sound of music blu-ray disc play?

Dvd player wont read any dvds!! it just says no disc?

If it's only two months old - take it back and get it sorted - it will still be under warranty.TIP: Give them a set time to make repair - say 10 working days - after that time you have more power -... Read More »