I have problems gaining weight?

Answer Well, 55-58 weight during age of 16 is good , i don't know why you want to put on weight. Anyways, you need to do exercise regularly and have some healthy food after exercise such as eat eggs and ... Read More »

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I have stoped smoking but im gaining alot of weight?

This may sound a little wierd at first, but you aren't gaining weight because you quit smoking: you are gaining weight because you have substituted eating for smoking -- you haven't gotten rid of t... Read More »

I have a friend with a bad family history who's gaining way to much weight.?

You can't force someone else to make changes in their life if they aren't willing to. Just like quitting smoking, no amount of nagging or begging or weeping or guilting can make someone change un... Read More »

What are your chances of being pregnant if you had sex 4 to 5 days after your period ended you have been gaining weight and have all the signs of pregnancy but test show neg still no period?

There is always a chance of getting pregnant anytime you have sex.

Why am i gaining weight?

Maybe you have a slow metabolism. Remember to drink a lot of water.