I have problems doing pushups?

Answer Paul and Zoom have given you EXCELLENT pointers....You have to build up GRADUALLY one word....STAMINA, until you have attained your goal. Also, make certain that your diet is balanced...As an examp... Read More »

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If your boyfriend is doing methadone will your unborn baby have problems?

The simplest answer would be yes, seen as the father is on methadone, and is either a former heroin user, or one step away from becoming one. Either way, neither is good for an unborn, or indeed bo... Read More »

How to Practice Doing Math Percentage Problems?

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Different Ways of Doing Math Problems?

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How to Work Out Problems Doing Addition Reactions for Chemistry?

When you add bromine to 3-hexene, the bromine atoms will add to the hexene molecule such that you end up with 3,4-dibromohexene. This is an example of an addition reaction, a reaction where two sma... Read More »