I have problems doing pushups?

Answer Paul and Zoom have given you EXCELLENT pointers....You have to build up GRADUALLY one word....STAMINA, until you have attained your goal. Also, make certain that your diet is balanced...As an examp... Read More »

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How to Do More Pushups?

Are you sick and tired of only doing about 10-15 push-ups? Wanna be able to do about 50 to impress the ladies? Well keep on reading.

How many pushups can you do?

How can I do more pushups?

As a person who can do 100+ push ups myself. I can tell you that to reach the 100's, you'll need to train both your strength and your endurance. Meaning that you'll need to do low reps and high rep... Read More »

How to Do Better Pushups?

To get the best triceps, biceps and chest muscles you should follow my article.