I have pictures on a disc?

Answer One way is to use email. Providing the pictures are not that large. Open Explorer. Either by going to Start > Programs or by using the shortcut key. Hold down the Windows key and press E. The Windo... Read More »

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Hi have a hp paviion there is no disc in but i cant get the disc draw open any ideas ?

you should see a small pin hole in the front of the drive. probably bottom right. Push a paper clip in it very carefully and it will pop open. Is it plugged in securely inside the computer. Use you... Read More »

Does ripping CDs or DVDs actually rip it out off the disc so that disc doesn't have the original stuff on it.?

How can i put my pictures from my pc onto a disc?

use cd burner program on your computer. drag the files to it and burn itk

Can you burn Pictures on a blue ray disc?