I have pain under kneecap, helpp?

Answer Someone was getting a bit too flexible the other night, huh? its ok, I enjoyed the effort :P

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I have pain under my breast and under my arm?

Cyclic pain appears to be related to the female hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. Their effect on breast tissue varies at different times of the month and life cycle. Pain related to t... Read More »


You need to put ice on it and hold it above your head. The ice will help the bruising you caused by pulling on it, and holding it above your head will relieve the blood pressure to the finger.

Whats the best way to treat a sun burn HELPP! IM IN PAIN A MAHH BACK?

i would try taking aloe baths that is what i do you just squeeze the aloe vera gel into warm to hot bath water and soak in it after that i would spray on some sooth a caine

Have a bed still under warranty causing pain?

ohh really when its happen now you can get good solution of shoulder pain or shoulder impingement. i have bad exprence about shoulder impingement.