I have pain in my teeth?

Answer It could be a cavity or begining of rot if you don't take good care of your teeth.

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Is it normal to have pain near the ear when you have problems with your teeth?

It is if you're a Giraffe, with a twig stuck in your mouth. Have you got a long neck ?

Hi, i have myofascial pain as i clench my teeth alot at night and have tmj too, will this alter my appearance ?

It may. But you can have a night guard to protect your teeth and TMJ.

I have wisdom teeth coming in and causing a lot of pain...?

I used that Anbesol stuff or whatever its called. It works to numb up like half of your mouth. Sounds like you need to get that mess cut out fast, all stretching the gums and getting impacted and i... Read More »

I have a pain in my lower, back jaw.. cavity or wisdom teeth?

If you eat something really sweet your tooth should ache if its a cavity. I currently have one cavity that I need to be filled and it only aches when I eat something sweet. Wisdom teeth pain usuall... Read More »