I have pain in my legs the days whenever I wear underwear?

Answer The elastic is cutting off your inguinal (groin) circulation. Switch to boxers.

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I have been in pain for so long, my legs and arms hurt so badly to the point the pain wakes me up.?

sound like as if your calcium may be a bit low try drinking milk and eating things like potatoes and bananas full of potassium

Is black an unlucky colour whenever i wear it i have a bad day?

i wear black every day — and my life sucks.hmmm. you might be onto something there.

I have a head back pain for 2 days already..i took a pain releaver but it did'nt work...?

No medicines are necessary..follow this method for 7days.Giving free service since many years.Holistic healing method or detoxificaton method.You should immediately avoid1. all types of milk produc... Read More »

I was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?

Definately go to your doctor right away! Get any tests your doctor prescribes because your back and ribs are a big deal! You don't want to have back problems in the future! Until you go to your ... Read More »