I have one white wall in my bedroom that must stay white,what is the best colour to paint other walls?

Answer There are many techniques for increasing the expressiveness of the walls and for making your home a place where you feel at ease. Many neutral tones are associated with natural materials, stone, ea... Read More »

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What colour shall i paint my bedroom walls?

You should go with a deep purple with light decorations and stuff. My friend recently got her bedroom redone, and she put really nice wallpaper up, but just on one of the walls. You can really nice... Read More »

What colour of paint should I use on the walls with this bedroom set?

Light pastel colors would go best.I personally love light green walls. But other pastels like light purple, pale blue, or yellow would work.Just don't get it too bright, or it will look too young.

What is a good colour to paint/wallpaper bedroom walls and ceilings?

BLUE is a good colour! Due to the angle at which the optic nerve enters the brain, staring at a blue surface during sex greatly increases the intensity of orgasms!!!.

Any (sensible) ideas for a new colour for my bedroom walls?

I always say....yawn...but true... go with lighter neutrals and accessorise to bring in colour, you can't go wrong with that and when you get bored you don't need to redecorate, just change accesso... Read More »