I have numbness, what does that mean?

Answer i had something like you heal the blood flow will improve.when it looks normal again you may find that when you touch the area where you were hurt it will not be as sensitive as it once was... Read More »

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What does tingling and numbness in your left arm mean?

If you can't account for the feeling (such as slept on the arm or were in a recent injury) you may well be having a heart attack. Please call 911 or see an ER immediately. Please don't try to guess... Read More »

What does it mean for a pre-existing condition you have 63 days to get new insurance does this mean that you won't be covered for things like rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions unless you get i?

Answer That's correct.If you lose COBRA then you can get an Indivdual Plan from HIPAA, but it must be within the 63 days.

Is numbness of the jaw and the side of the face a sign that you should have your wisdom teeth removed?

I've never heard of them causing numbness, but most likely you should have them taken out. Most people need them out. You should go see a dentist or a regular doctor to find out about the numbness.... Read More »

If you are 35 weeks pregnant and have been have irregular contractions and increased mucus for the past few days does that mean that labor is coming soon?

it sounds like pre-labor to me. It could mean it is close or your body could just be preparing for the weeks ahead. if your baby is born at 35 weeks it will be totally fine and healthy.