I have no sound device detected on xp is this xp problem or hardware?

Answer Maybe you need to also reinstall your drivers for sound?

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How do I install my printer when the hardware isn't detected?

Go online and use to search for the make/model of the drivers.For instance: I have an HP LaserJet 4 PlusI can go to and type in as the search string:hp laserjet 4 plus driver... Read More »

Recently reinstalled Windows XP, now 'NO SOUND DEVICE' but in Device Manager: Everything working properly!?

Hey babe, try installing the software discs that came with the lappy. Or could always go into control panel . . . open the system folder . . . find the sound devices and remove anything wit... Read More »

What is a hardware rendering device?

A hardware rendering device uses instructions hardwired onto dedicated computer chips to perform the calculations needed to create images for output to computer screens or printers. Images can also... Read More »

Sound card not detected?

If you can hear yourself, then the problem is at their end. Check ALL of your settings in Skype.